Our History

Our History

Parkes Baptist Church started originally from a prayer meeting first held on May 29th 1939, and eventually transformed into a once a month service through to the point where it was officially constituted as a Baptist Church on Sunday 24th August 1941. The first Church Building was erected and officially opened on Saturday 28th January 1950 virtually debt free due to the amount of voluntary work and generous donations that were received for its construction.

One of the key ministries of the Parkes Baptist Church has always been the focus on the spiritual welfare of the children of both the church and the wider community. The first Sunday School was started in the 1940’s with 5 children in attendance, with the highlight of the year often being the Church Sunday School picnic, with the first one being held on October 11th 1941. God has continued to richly bless this ministry with 120 children now attending Sunday School.

Today in addition to our Sunday School, now known as ‘Kids Church’, the Parkes Baptist Church has two additional children ministries. From our playgroup which caters for children in the infants and pre-schoolers category. Onto our Ignite group which in turn looks after our secondary school aged children. All these ministries are active during the week and are open to both the local church as well as the wider community.

By the grace of God, and through the work of His dedicated people, the Parkes Baptist Church has been representing their Lord and Saviour here in Parkes now for 75 years. All for the glory and honour of our God.

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